Quick Spin: Comedian Myq Kaplan


If the name of a comic’s album gives us any insight into what to expect in his comedy, then Myq Kaplan’s albums titles are supremely helpful. There’s his most recent album – “Small, Dork, and Handsome” – along with “Meat Robot,” and “Vegan Mind Meld”, to name a few.


Quick Spin: Comedian Matt Braunger


The fact that we even have Bridgetown Comedy Festival today can be owed to comedian Matt Braunger (and co-founder, Andy Wood). Braunger, who was born and raised in northeast Portland, describes himself as “…a lightning-rod of awkwardness…” in one of his specials. His humor is grab-a-beer-with-a-friend relatable, and he bursts with energy on stage.


Quick Spin: Chef Adam Higgs of Portland’s Acadia


I arrived in this weird Pacific Northwest city back in the early 2000s, settling into a house in Portland’s then-undesirable Northeast neighborhood. I remember being pretty dismayed with the food options in the area, venturing out one night, determined to find a great restaurant nearby. Thankfully, I stumbled upon a dimly lit corner spot on Fremont Avenue, where the menu at Acadia pulled me in, full of seafood and Cajun spices, and I stayed for both dinner and dessert.


Newsbits: Cheerios Goes GMO-Free (sorta); Portlandia’s Gilt Club Quietly Closes


There’s been much discussion since Cheerios manufacturer General Mills announced last week that they’ve been making GMO-free versions of the well-known cereal over the past few months, and expect customers to spot the adjusted product shortly on their store shelves. The company is confident about their decision, of course, with spokesman Mike Siemienas commenting, “We believe consumers will embrace it.”